No mother. A crippled father. Moved to the orphanage to survive, she awaits hope.

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Hannah's Story - Award-winning documentary filmed in China.

Hannah's father is paralyzed; where her mother lives now is anybody's guess. The young Chinese girl dropped out of school to care for her dad when his paralysis worsened, claiming more and more of his abilities. Together with Hannah's brother, they are moving into an orphanage just to survive—without help, her father says, they would starve.

In the process, Hannah meets an unlikely pair of travelers from California with a heart for orphans. Bring Me Hope travelers. Hannah arrives at camp with nothing—not even a toothbrush or a change of clothes. During her week with Bring Me Hope, she experiences five worry-free days of childhood.

After camp, Hannah's Californian friends follow her back home. With a video camera and the will to love, they will help change her life. As you watch the adventure unfold, witness the divine ability of hope to overcome impossible circumstances, and rediscover the power of a good story. Hannah's story.

But the story didn't end when we stopped filming--- since Hannah's Story was filmed in 2009 we've witnessed incredible things happen in Hannah's Family.

2010: Through the generous donations of supporters, Hannah's father, Silas, had spinal surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery failed and screws the doctors put in his neck to reinforce the weakened spinal column broke, causing pain and decreased mobility.

2011: We found a new surgeon and the second surgery was a SUCCESS! Silas was then able to move his arms with less pain. Hannah and her brother, Jonas, attended summer camp with Bring Me Hope and spent a fun-filled week with Rose.

2012: Bring Me Hope staff continued to visit Hannah's family and worked to find ways to support them. Hannah attended summer camp again and was a great help and encouragement to the other kids there.

2013: Silas had his final surgery. This surgery improved Silas' quality of life gave Hannah's whole family hope for the future.

For current updates on Hannah and her family, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/defendsilas

Mission trips to love and defend orphans and at-risk youth: www.bringmehope.org

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoZH7ucQeOg&t=8s

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