Sepultura - Roots bloody roots https://youtu.be/HO9VYajmgqE
Slayer - Angel of Death https://youtu.be/PukWu6vuRF0
Carcass - Heartwork https://youtu.be/amY90jzjQYw
Deicide - Once upon the cross https://youtu.be/PbptJrUcqcc
Angra - Carry on https://youtu.be/t2K5Hinv3DI

I can not use the original track of this song because of YouTube's copyright issues.
So I made the accompaniment separately,
(Please understand that it differs from the original.)
I also had to cover the vocals.
Better than no vocals, right?

1991 Arise
Original Drummer : Igor Cavalera
Original Vocal : Max Cavalera
(Genre : Thrash metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock)


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Used instruments :TAMA drum set (Superstar Hyper Drive)
(8,10,12,16, and 22(2ea) ) DW vintage steel SN 14X6)
Zildjian A custom Cymbal set,
Anitolian Baris Ride
Zildjian Z3 crash Cymbals and HiHat
Zildjian Z custom China
and Zildjian S Splash china 8", 10"

Pearl Eliminator pedal and wood beater.
Stick : Regal tip - Rock
Vocal Mic : Beringer T1
Video equipment : Sony Action cam, i phone 6+

Ami Kim is heavy metal female drummer in south Korea.

Sepultura - Arise Drum & Vocal cover by Ami Kim (#35) скачать видео - Download