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This video is veeery exaggerated for entertainment's sake. I don't claim to be better than any of these drummers, I'm even a big fan of most of them!

The original track was not recorded to a metronome, and I played to a drumless version of the song. This means that the original song's tempo is all over the place, and I could not set a metronome og even lean towards the original drum track.

I had a lot of fun making this video, and it was a very interesting proces that forced me to get creative and use my analytical skills.
Hope you enjoy it!

The pitch may have been altered to ensure playability on mobile devices.

8", 10", 12", 16", 18", 22" DW Design acryllic
13x6,5" Tama Metalworks snare

14" Sabian AAX Stage hats
10" Zildjian A Custom splash
10" Sabian HHX splash
17" Sabian HH medium-thin crash
18" Sabian HH medium-thin crash
19" Sabian HH thin crash
19" Sabian AA china
20" Zildjian Oriental china
20" Sabian HH heavy ride

Vic Firth 5A Nova sticks
Tama Speed Cobra double pedal
Kjærulff Cymbals Ribbon Crasher

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