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Release Date: 5 Feb, 2018

Time flies and we are as delighted as we always are when we see another collection of artists join us for another PHW & Friends compilation, our 12th in order. For those of you that been following us over time, know this is a great collection of music, including a great variety of styles and with both known and more unknown artists on their way up. This is no exception from the past, and we fully believe you will get some new names on your radar after this.

For this one, we see some of the names that been with us over time, including new music from Lesh, Maurice Caron who spice a great original from Gregory Esayan / Angel Falls, Desaicrator, Ametrine, Mark Digital as well as Ellez Ria who tweak "London" that originally was made by Pavel Denisov. You will also meet new producers to our PHW family with Blue Horizon, Sunset Moments, T.F.F. as well as the combo from ZGOOT & MarioMoS who all together add some truly smooth and energetic progressive music. It's just to dig in and find what you need, we think there is plenty for you if melodic progressive music is your thing!


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ZGOOT & MarioMoS - Rusxico (Original Mix) [PHWF012] скачать видео - Download