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[ESH exclusive] Talamanca at his best! ♥
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It is with great pleasure that we at Emergent Shores welcome back one of the most prolific and noteworthy names in progressive house, Talamanca, who makes his return to Shores with his first 2 track EP release with us aptly titled 'The Return'.

Having an achievement list longer than most can speak of, with releases on literally the best labels one could aspire to, we are honored to deliver this breathtaking collection just in time for the last weeks of summer. Honing his masterful skills as always, these two new tracks deliver a seam-bursting amount of gripping melodies, gorgeous chord progressions, warming basslines, rich atmos and a plethora of key fx that make these two gems the magical journey that they are.

Making a very welcome landing here at Shores, this Talamanca with the opulent 'The Return EP'.

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Release date: 21-Sep-2017
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