Welcome everyone to another edition of my SNE mixes and this time I have another milestone on my hands, my 20th mix. That means twenty weeks ago you have embarked with me on this melodic journey, made of sunsets, positive vibes and sunny warmth.Thank you all! Packed with gorgeous melodies, I have the pleasure of showcasing two tunes from two soon-to-be-on-your-lookout-lists artists. Now let's get this cracking! Enjoy!

1. Jocey & Sedi - The promenade (Original mix)
2. Tom Strobe - Where are you now (Original mix)
3. Winterya - Iridescent (Original mix)
4. Ryo Nakamura - Light wind (Original mix)
5. Yasuha. - Azalea (Original mix)
6. Phalguna Somraj - Ku de ta (Yasuha. remix)
7. Zanio & Ryu Kawamura - Refill (Original mix)
8. Kamron Schrader - Wonderful people (Jallen remix)
9. Mehilove - Promenade (Original mix)
10. Aigio Vono - The simple pleasure (Original mix)
11. Nalos - Sunday morning (Original mix)

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