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♫ Anime → Noragami 『ノラガミ』
♫ Soundtrack → 3. Noratan
♫ Artist → Iwasaki Taku 『岩崎 琢』
♫ Album → ~Noragami no Oto~

Lyrics :
Disgraced Faces, Dishonor Basis
Past a Bit Stained
I'm Here to Embrace Them
Give a New Name
Kind of Like Facelift
Serve me Right
But you Ain't on Slaveship
In the God you Trust you Just
So are the Scared Treasure
To me so you Must
Be my Partner
Together we can Bust
The only Disgusting Ones
Now Hush

I Live on This Beat now
That's my Heart
Maybe but That's the Start
I'm Everywhere
Every Where I Wrap
To the Next to the Next
To the Next to the Spark
Don't Invent Nothing
I Rediscover
I get Stuck Once in a While
Just Alotta Things in a way
Should of Looked Away
However Being Pretentious
Just too Lame
If I Gotta do What I do Best
To Seize Life
For Next to Seize a Good Death
And Revive it
My Flow's Like Cardiac Arrest
And it Goes Like Dun Dun Dun
Poteic Justice so Just Trust us
Now Always Righteous Times
It's a Crisis
Right This Right This Way
Come to This Experience

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