Are you ready to cry?! Well, either it's tears of sorrow because Naruto's life stinks or tears of joy because this is my 100th public video on Youtube! (I have a few AMVs that you all have never seen on my channel... I'm hiding them...)

Anyway, if this didn't make you cry, you have no soul...

J/K! i'm sure you all have beautiful souls!

...Does anyone even remember Jesse Mccartney...? He had a song called Beautiful Soul! I might make a NaruHina AMV with it one day!

Oh! And this is my first AMV of 2015! YAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anime: Naruto/Shipuuden
Audio: Incomplete
By: Back Street Boys
Program: Premiere Elements 11
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Naruto: I Pray for this Heart to Be Unbroken~ 100th Video! скачать видео - Download