Hi boys and gals! As you may know, according to the calendar, this is the last summer weekend before the autumnal equinox but that doesn't bother me, the scene nor this channel because....yep, say it with me, peeps.....SUMMER NEVER ENDS! :)
Now let's get those smiles going.

1. Alexei Scutari - Blue sky (Vince Forwards remix)
2. Maiga - Omen (Original mix)
3. Roald Velden & Alex H - After all this time (Original mix)
4. Valentin & Jay Flora - Sora (Original mix)
5. Unlivian - Victoria (Original mix)
6. Unlivian - Under the moon (Original mix)
7. Axxound - Holding hands (Original mix)
8. Kono - Sakuna (Original mix)
9. Skua - Silfra (Original mix)
10. Sunlight Project - Summer ending party (Original mix)

Summer Never Ends 053 Progressive House Mix Carry on, mates Edition скачать видео - Download