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Soundtrack List:

0:00 - The Warriors - (Attack On Titan) - YouSeeBiGGiRLTT Gemie
3:57 - Saint (Ft. Cyua) - Most Epic Battle Music
8:41 - Perfect Time (Ft. Mika Kobayashi) (The Seven Deadly Sins 2)
13:29 - Out of Control - Most Epic Battle & Fighting Music
17:40 - Final Boss - Epic Battle Music Mix
21:12 - Already Over - Epic Fighting Music
27:50 - Impure King - Most Epic Battle Music
36:01 - Final Confrontation - Epic Battle Music
40:20 - Thunderbolt Fantasy - Most Epic Fighting & Battle Music
45:55 - Sound of War - Epic Battle Music
52:25 - Darkest - Most Powerful Battle Music
57:40 - The Brave (Ft. Yosh) - Epic Battle Music


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Hiroyuki Sawano
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