Dom Fera

Be Delusional and Also Quit

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here's a new style with some thoughts on making anything Twitter @DominicFear Instagram ...

Cover (2018)

1 мес. назад

Stay under. Twitter - DominicFear Instagram - DomJohnFera.

DomAnswers May 2018

1 мес. назад 00:41 - Any plans for future films like Elijah? 01:23 - A long question about socks 01:43 - How much do you bench, nerd? 01:53 ...

Want Me To - original song by Dom

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DomAnswers - April 2018

2 мес. назад

I talk about fish and Star Wars and letting old YouTube rest in peace. CLICKABLE QUESTIONS LIST: 00:36 - Best soup to eat ...

My Part - original song by Dom

3 мес. назад

Get the song: LYRICS BELOW Hello hello here's another one of these, trying something else...

DomAnswers March 2018

4 мес. назад

I talk about the future, the amulet, and hollywood usa CLICKABLE QUESTIONS LIST: What would be the ultimate end goal for ...

Monster Song - original song (it's a song btw) by Dom

4 мес. назад

get the song - LYRICS BELOW! this really ain't perfect but I'm writing music all the time and doing nothing with it -- so here's me ...

Our Season - dom & dodie

6 мес. назад

Love picks a season... Get the song - DODIE - -- twitter / instagram: doddleoddle DOM - twitter: ...

Content (2017)

7 мес. назад

After being pressured to start a vlog, a wanna-be screenwriter finds himself at the center of a bizarre sci-fi anomaly. Winner of the "Excellence in Writing" Award ...

BACK TO SCHOOL - Episode 3

7 мес. назад

A monster shows up in detention and Greg learns how to really change! Instagram ...

BACK TO SCHOOL - Episode 2

8 мес. назад

Greg struggles to be trusted and a spooky skeleton shows up in the hallway. Instagram ...

BACK TO SCHOOL - Episode 1

9 мес. назад

Greg Harley used to be the bad kid, but not anymore. Part 1 of 3. Twitter @DominicFear ...

DomAnswers - July 2017

11 мес. назад

CLICKABLE QUESTIONS LIST: 00:34 - “Lazer Collection 9?” 00:57 - “What are you working on right now?” 01:30 - “How often do you consider the possibility ...

Banana Shirt (Feat. Jack Howard)

12 мес. назад

use protection FEAT. JACK HOWARD ...


1 г. назад

EXPLICIT* The world's been a bit wild lately Instagram ...

DomAnswers - Hero

1 г. назад

HERO | New Form Incubator (2017)

1 г. назад

Faced with his first real supervillain, an invincible superhero returns to his childhood home defeated -- and is forced to reckon with his fear, his identity, and the ...

Magic Works Simple - song

1 г. назад

Spooky Boy and the Charm of Souls

2 г. назад

by Dom Fera With Spooky Pals: Nik Oldershaw - Cameron Sun - ...

GHOSTAnswers October 2016

2 г. назад