David Hopkins

School of fish at Arborek jetty, Raja Ampat

2 г. назад

Freediving through a big school of fish in Arborek, Raja Ampat, West Papua.

Steeldrum player in the Bangkok skytrain

3 г. назад

Cool steeldrum player I recorded getting the Bangkok Skytrain last year. A soothing harmony in BKK's busy city life!

Panorama Ephemera (2004)

6 г. назад

PANORAMA EPHEMERA (2004, 89:35 min., color and black and white) is a collage of sequences drawn from a wide variety of ephemeral (industrial, advertising ...

165-star-oasis by

6 г. назад

Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all over the world. It can be installed on any ordinary PC or Mac. When these ...


6 г. назад

Bobby Baby has shared her music on this website since June 2005, has been released by the mp3 net labels Corpid and Dive Records. People have asked why ...

#v005 lackluster: 13/10/99

6 г. назад

''13/10/99'' (the video) is being re-released in high quality format on to coincide with the release of a remastered version of Lacklusters 'Showcase' ...

Night Writer LED Graffiti

6 г. назад

An interesting and original new way of making graffiti street art demonstrated by the Night Writer from the Graffiti Research Labs. Bright idea!

dcbl-worx / jvox - computer is ready

6 г. назад

[tonAtom.V009] * musik: jvox - computer is ready (- [tonAtom.030]) * kamera und schnitt: nino farra All content on this ...

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

6 г. назад

Boards of Canada have released their first ever video, Dayvan Cowboy. If you're a Boards of Canada fan, you can probably imagine their ideal video: some kind ...

Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (1940)

6 г. назад

This disturbing film records the successful experiments in the resuscitation of life to dead animals (dogs), as conducted by Dr. S.S. Bryukhonenko at the Institute ...

dcbl-worx - untergrund texturen

6 г. назад

kamera : nino farra, stefan talke, thomas pawlik * schnitt : nino farra * audio: wellenformreiter, mizati, trickform, envitre, xenoton (edited by nino farra) * danke ...

Gift of Gab "The Rat Race"

6 г. назад

Gift of Gab video directed by Shafei & Levitz (Quannum). Ipod compatible video.

Bonsucesso Samba Clube - Rabecando (ao vivo)

6 г. назад

Live clip with brazillian regional music band from Recife city, Pernambuco state. Check out the band's website at ...

"Love Here"

6 г. назад

Music by Mr. Projectile "Love Here EP" (Semisexual)

Irey Amsterdam

6 г. назад

One day in central Amsterdam between the connection SaoPaulo-Bangkok. Some irey riddims from the street artist!

dDamage - Pressure

6 г. назад

Cool videoclip from electronic band dDamage dDamage.

"Next Door"

6 г. назад

Music by Deru "Next Door" (Merck)

"Winter Blossom"

6 г. назад

Music by Greetings From Tuskan (Iwari 08/06)

Dead Prez "Hip Hop"

6 г. назад

Revolution style video directed by Brian Beletic. Ipod compatible video.

dDamage - ink808

6 г. назад

Cool video by electronic band dDamage dDamage.

Antipop Consortium "Perpendicular / Vector"

6 г. назад

Antipop Consortium "Perpendicular / Vector" abstract noir video directed by Markus Wambsganss (Warp) Ipod compatible video.