Abandoned places

Abandoned old Honda Prelude. Abandoned vehicles in the city

3 нед. назад

We found the legendary abandoned sports coupe Honda Prelude 2 (1983 - 1987) despite its years, the car although rusty, but still on wheels :-) ▻ Subscribe for ...

Soviet Airport Fire Truck. Extremely powerful machine

2 мес. назад

Airport fire truck АА-60/70 (MAZ-543) is extremely powerful machine, as such large and heavy vehicle it has good acceleration, carry large capacities of water, ...

Old Motorcycle Show. Classic Bike show, scooters, chopper, vintage motorcycles.

3 мес. назад

Present to your attention big exhibition of old motorcycle show, classic bike, scooters, chopper, vintage motorcycles, retro motorcycles ▻ Subscribe for more ...

Abandoned Ghost Town Chernobyl and Pripyat 2018

4 мес. назад

So we have visited abandoned cities: Chernobyl and Pripyat in winter 2018, this ghost towns looks unrealistic, just in the winter snowstorm, it was amazing video ...

Abandoned Range Rover. Abandoned luxury cars in Dubai

5 мес. назад

Abandoned British luxury suv - Range Rover in Dubai. The Arab Emirates, as always, rejoice us with various abandoned cars. Follow Abandoned places on ...

Abandoned BMW 7 series. Abandoned vehicles in Dubai

6 мес. назад

I do not stop to wonder what cars are abandoned in Dubai, even luxury BMW 7 series in E65.

Abandoned Cadillac Fleetwood. Abandoned US cars in Dubai

6 мес. назад

What kind of abandoned cars just can not be found in the desert, its old American abandoned Cadillac Fleetwood in Dubai Follow Abandoned places on ...

Abandoned ship in Red sea, Egypt. Abandoned merchant ship. How the sea destroys ships

7 мес. назад

In September 1981, Loullia - merchant ship was stuck in the Straits of Tiran while going from Jordan to Suez and then become an abandoned ship in Red sea.

Abandoned Mercedes Benz EMC S350. Luxury Mercedes car abandoned in Dubai

8 мес. назад

Abandoned luxury Mercedes Benz EMC S350 you can only see in United Arab Emirates, just staying open on the street. Follow Abandoned places on ...

Abandoned old sport car Porsche 928 S4 in Dubai. UAE old car find

9 мес. назад

United Arab Emirates continue shocking me, we find abandoned old sport car Porsche 928 S4 in Dubai. Follow Abandoned places on Facebook.

Abandoned Chevrolet Camaro SS. Forgotten American sport car

9 мес. назад

Amazing and forgotten cars in Dubai - abandoned Chevrolet Camaro SS unique find. How people can abandon such cool American sport cars? Follow ...

Abandoned Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Biturbo. Abandoned luxury vehicles in Dubai

10 мес. назад

Guys, look at that cool abandoned Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Biturbo found in Dubai, how they can abandon such luxury vehicles? Follow Abandoned places ...

Abandoned Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG in Dubai. Abandoned luxury car in Arab Emirates

11 мес. назад

I could not believe, that Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG can just abandon in Dubai. Abandoned luxury exotic Mercedes CLS you can only see in United Arab ...

Abandoned Mercedes Benz SL 600 Fab Design. Abandoned supercars in Dubai

12 мес. назад

I could not believe, that Mercedes Benz SL 600 Fab Design can just abandon in Dubai. Abandoned luxury supercar Mercedes SL you can only see in United ...

SECRET ABANDONED BASE. Abandoned bunker in transmitting radio center.

1 г. назад

We went to the forest to the abandoned object of the USSR time, there was a abandoned place of broadcasting radio center 31 regiments of the Air Force. On the ...

Secret underground railway tunnel. Abandoned tunnel.

1 г. назад

I visited an abandoned railway tunnel that called "Stalin's Metro" of 1938 year. Near the embankment rises a structure that looks like a submarine, but this is a ...

Self-made Batmobile you won't believe. Strange luxury car. Amazing homemade vehicle

1 г. назад

Walking through the exhibition I saw strange luxury homemade car, which reminded me self-made Batmobile you won't believe. Generally its amazing vehicle.

Retro fire truck. Old freight truck. Retro vehicles Mercedes and GAZ

1 г. назад

Walking on an exhibition of old retro cars and vehicles, we found some interesting cars: 00:11 Fire truck GAZ-51 02:11 MERCEDES BENZ 170 V (W136) 1936 ...

Found an old abandoned bobsled track near dam. Exploring old olympic bobsleigh track

1 г. назад

We found an old abandoned bobsled track on the shore of the dam. Thanks to the close location to Kiev and the specific terrain, a sports base was opened in the ...

Abandoned rusty electric vehicles. Exploring abandoned trolleybus

1 г. назад

This time we found an abandoned rusty trolleybuses. One of the copies of electrical engineering is European, and the second Soviet: 00:13 - Škoda 9Tr ...

Abandoned Mercedes Benz w140 s500 cabrio EXCLUSIVE. Abandoned Mercedes Lorinser k50 w220 in Dubai

1 г. назад

Unusual find - abandoned Mercedes Benz w140 s500 cabrio in Dubai, very exclusive, but abandoned car, also near was found forgotten Mercedes Lorinser k50 ...