china wonderful music" because of the love" -- Faye Wong & Eason Chan. live version

7 г. назад

因为爱情2012央视春节联欢晚会现场版-- 王菲& 陈奕迅.

China's most beautiful dance!Yang Liping, "Moonlight"The most beautiful dance

7 г. назад

杨丽萍独舞《月光》!我的最爱!真正的艺术!亚洲艺术!中国艺术!华人艺术! Yang solo "Moonlight"! My favorite! The real art! Asian art! China art! Chinese art!

Chinese Culture---- "Journey to the West" episode - Li Lingyu "Tianzhu girl

7 г. назад

《西游记》插曲——李玲玉《天竺少女》 Chinese dance, Chinese girl! A princess! The essence of Chinese culture!

[LUXIN] Chinese Kung Fu Academy, boys and girls fight! Shocked! ! !

7 г. назад

omg! This is crazy! The real Chinese Kung Fu! More than the film can look good! Duel! Fight! Kung Fu Academy!

【LUXIN】Brainwash the North Korean people dance lmfao - Party Rock Ant

7 г. назад

oh hah !Very interesting! North Korean people dance! Brainwashing dance!