SirArd O

Best of Dubstep HD Mix

5 г. назад

I gathered here a list of my personal favorites. Even if it's mostly dubstep, I would recommend this mix to anyone, in particular to the ones that usually find ...

Best of Trance - Golden Age Mix (HD)

6 г. назад

For many, the best years of trance are behind us. There was a time when the quality of the melodies and vocals was astonishing, when you would actually feel in ...

Best of Vocal Trance Mix HD

6 г. назад

I've gathered here some of my old and recent favorite vocal trance tracks. I mixed these 22 recordings with one purpose only, to share my love of beautiful ...

Space Odyssey (Trance mix)

6 г. назад

I made this mix about a year ago, as you can see, it's a trance mix with a space related theme (take a look at the tracks)! Hope you enjoy this ride through space!