Grivel Mont Blanc

Grivel Running Belt

3 нед. назад

Discover the new Grivel Running Belt with our ambassador Pablo Criado!

Grivel Day

2 мес. назад

GRIVEL DAY: 200TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY AUGUST 5, 2018 COURMAYEUR ITALY Many thanks! We would like to thank you everyone: alpinists, workers, ...

Grivel Air Tech 28

2 мес. назад

The Grivel Air Tech 28 is a lightweight compact rucksack for climbing and mountaineering. Very clean body in minimalist style and roll-top closure! _Tapered ...

Grivel 2018 - The Perfect Carabiner

7 мес. назад

Grivel and Stevie Haston are proud to present the final solution in carabiner's world: The Perfect Carabiner. Thank You for watching!

Grivel Shuttle

7 мес. назад

Stevie Haston presents you the Grivel Shuttle, a versatile plate with multiple connecting options! Thank You for watching!

Grivel Gravity 35

7 мес. назад

Grivel 2018 Gravity 35 rucksack presented by Stevie Haston! Clean shape and durable fabric for a very versatile pack for climbing and alpinism, from rock to ice ...

Grivel Vlad

7 мес. назад

Stevie Haston presents the new Grivel Vlad twin gate carabiner, the carabiner for belays! Thank You for watching!

Grivel Poles 2018

9 мес. назад

Grivel introduces its new range of poles: they are versatile, durable and four-season, suitable for many activities in the mountains: from trekking to trail running, ...

Markus Pucher - first winter solo ascent of Cerro Pollone, Patagonia

10 мес. назад

Have a look at the awesome first winter solo ascent of Cerro Pollone, Patagonia, made by Grivel's athlete Markus Pucker! Thank you for watching!

Grivel 2017 - Stealth Helmet - All Round Protection

1 г. назад

Discover the Grivel STEALTH family of helmets with the ALL-ROUND PROTECTION solution: Grivel believes that you cannot choose where the danger will ...

Grivel 2016 - Roller Twin Gate carabiner

2 г. назад

The new Grivel Roller carabiner presented by Hervé Barmasse! The idea allows you to clip the carabiner directly into the required point: an anchor or a harness, ...

Grivel 2016 - Stealth Helmet

2 г. назад

Hervé Barmasse presents the new helmet by Grivel: The Stealth! Hyper-light and hyper-ventilated! The polycarbonate shell is co-moulded on a layer of ...

Grivel La Mitica Gialla – The legendary yellow bag

2 г. назад

Un viaggio tra i nostri giganti in giallo Grivel A journey through our giants in Grivel yellow.

Grivel 2016 - Mountain Runner Family of backpacks

2 г. назад

The newest form fitting trail running packs by Grivel. Ideal partners for single day to multi day races, they were born from the direct experience in the Tor de ...

Grivel 2016 Captive Carabiner

3 г. назад

Stevie Haston presents the new Grivel Captive carabiner, the anti cross-loading carabiner: Cross-loading happens when a carabiner is stressed on its minor ...

Grivel 2016 - Shield

3 г. назад

Stevie haston presents the new Grivel Shield: - Absorbs most of the energy of a fall protecting the spine, - Protects from shocks against hard surfaces, - Add ...

Grivel 2016 - Ski Touring crampons

3 г. назад

Stevie Haston presents the new 2016 Grivel Ski Touring crampons: The Ski Tour and Ski Race crampons solve the problem to fit modern ski boots when the rear ...

Grivel - Corporate 2015

3 г. назад

Grivel 2015 Zen Family of Rucksacks

3 г. назад

The Grivel answer to the need of a clean and tough functiondriven climbing backpack. Stripped down to the essentials, it is the ideal partner for all your ...

Grivel 2015 Alpine Pro Rucksack

3 г. назад

Grivel 2015 Alpine Pro Rucksack presented by Stevie Haston The ultimate Alpine backpack by Grivel. Fully-featured for all your alpine adventures. Multiple ...

Danilo Callegari: secondo test per Africa Extreme 2015 sul Monte Rosa

3 г. назад

Godetevi la cronostoria della seconda prova di Danilo Callegari in vista di # Africaextreme2015! Questi i numeri della prova: – 23h no-stop – 39h senza dormire ...