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Thor vs Odin - To The Death

2 дн. назад

I'll let you guys weigh in on this. I tried to make it entertaining at least. Hope you enjoy !

Hyperion - God of The Sun

1 нед. назад

Hope you guys enjoy! Special thanks to Chris Cyrus for requesting it! #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Superman vs Merged Sentry

2 нед. назад

Hope you guys enjoy ! Sorry for the wait, I'm still figuring out how to properly use Adobe Premier ! #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Thor - God of Brutality

3 нед. назад

This is a savage compilation requested by my Patron and friend Howard Townsend ! Hope you enjoy guys :) Next video: Superman vs Sentry.

God's Angel of Death - The Sentry

4 нед. назад

Hope you guys enjoy ! This is modeled after a video from old friend AntonidasVII. #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

The Day Mjolnir Broke

4 нед. назад

Requested by Chris Cyrus :) Hope you enjoy guys ! #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ------ Patreon: ...

Cosmic Ghost Rider vs Kid Thanos

1 мес. назад

Just a quick video to keep up! Hope you enjoy ! #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ------ Patreon: ...

Rune King Thor vs World Breaker Hulk

1 мес. назад

I have re-uploaded my video after finding out how to properly use my Adobe editor lol. I hope you guys enjoy :) Let me know if anything is sounding off to you!

Thor vs Gorr - A History of Hate - All Fights

1 мес. назад

This video was requested by my Patron Chris Cyrus ! Hope you all enjoy :) #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Thor vs Odin

1 мес. назад

From Fear Itself #1, hope you enjoy! I am a bit sick but we will back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting soon! #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Death of The Sentry - Fallen Sun

1 мес. назад

This is another requested video by our loyal friend and patron Chris Cyrus! I hope you guys enjoy :) #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Respect The Sentry

1 мес. назад

I tried to limit most feats to only golden Sentry, which is why most void feats are noticeably absent ! This is another video requested by my Patron and friend Chris ...

Thor vs The Hulk - Every Canon Fight Ever

2 мес. назад

This video was requested by Christ Cyrus, a new Patron! Hope you enjoy it Chris :) He picked the song as well: Zombie - Bad Wolves This SHOULD be every ...

Black Panther vs Wolverine (No Healing Factor)

2 мес. назад

Hope you guys enjoy :) #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ------ Patreon: ...

Devil Hulk vs The Avengers

2 мес. назад

Hoo boy this was tough to upload...I hope you guys enjoy it, Immortal Hulk is absolutely monstrous. #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Thor's God Blast: Most Powerful Attack In Marvel

2 мес. назад

This is by special request of my friend and Patreon supporter Howard Townsend! Remember, if you ever really want to get a video at the top of the list, check out ...

The Tragedy of Unworthy Thor

2 мес. назад

I uploaded this video a year ago, but I had to re upload it ! Hope you enjoy it ! :) #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Thor Goes on a Rampage - Warrior Madness

2 мес. назад

This is from the New Ultimates, hope you like it all :) Merry Christmas ! #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Superboy Prime vs Superman and the Legion of Superheroes

2 мес. назад

This is from Final Crisis: Legion of 3 worlds. Hope you guys get a kick out of it :) #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...

Superman vs Thor

2 мес. назад

From JLA/Avengers and the last few images are teaser images by comic book artist David Cabeza. Hope you guys enjoy it :) Davids art: ...

The Gods vs The Earth - The Earth Fights Back - God is Dead

2 мес. назад

Hope you enjoy it guys ! One of the few left god is dead videos I have in me lol. #RememberThor #NotMyThor ------ Twitter: ...