The Day The Avengers Lost - Old Man Hawkeye

4 дн. назад

This is from Old Man Hawkeye #7 guys, hope you enjoy! #RememberThor ------ Twitter: ------ Patreon: ...

Michael and the Spectre vs The Presence

5 дн. назад

DISCLAIMER: This might rustle your jimmies. Proceed with caution as religious figures are used. Other than that, please enjoy the video :) It's pretty deep all ...

Michael vs The Spectre - Battling at the Gates of Heaven

6 дн. назад

Hope you guys enjoy :) From The Spectre (1992) #10 #RememberThor ------ Twitter: ------ Patreon: ...

Captain Marvel (Carrol Danvers) vs The Hulk

7 дн. назад

This is just something I found interesting, even after she took on the mantle of Captain Marvel, Carol is still noticeably inferior to A-List heroes like the Hulk.

Spider-Man vs Morlun - Spider-Man's Toughest Fight Ever

7 дн. назад

That might be a bold claim in my title, but I can't think of any fight which pushed Spider-Man harder than this. Hope you enjoy guys! ----- Twitter: ...

Superman vs Hercules and Zeus

1 нед. назад

The Zeus fight didn't take place directly after the Hercules confrontation, but they matched well enough to put them together ! Hope you enjoy guys.

Superman vs Apollo and Haphaestus

1 нед. назад

Been a long time since I did an honest to goodness DC video so here's for the fans I feel I have been neglecting ! Hope you enjoy guys. ----- Twitter: ...

Confronting Jason Aaron - Twitter Fight

1 нед. назад

Jason Aaron was quite civil this time honestly, it's his fans that are pretty crazy. At the end of the day, this is meant to be fun. :) No disrespect intended. Feel free ...

Thor Becomes Rune King Thor

1 нед. назад

This was a special video made for my friend Howard Townsend! My first Patron on Patreon ! :) As such his video was moved to the front of the line! lol.

Unworthy Thor vs Loki - We Were Brothers

2 нед. назад

So I know this is a little soon for back to back uploads, but I felt bad that a fair chunk of the people who voted on what video to watch weren't getting what they ...

Asgard and Olympus vs Lucifer's Army - God is Dead

2 нед. назад

This is for those who voted in the comments ! Thor/Loki video is next/tomorrow :) Hope you enjoy guys ! Patreon: ...

Ragnarok comes to Asgard - Surtur - God is Dead

2 нед. назад

So this is what happens to Asgard after Horus finally consolidates power over the realm by edging out the other pantheons ! Hope you enjoy guys, I've found ...

Asgard vs Greek, Egyptian, Hindu and Nahual Gods - God is Dead

2 нед. назад

This was the price Asgard paid for ambushing the other pantheons! They remnants of the pantheons lay siege to Asgard ! Hope you enjoy guys ! Patreon: ...

Hulk vs Olympus

2 нед. назад

I think this part is rarely posted, what the prelude was to the Zeus showdown. It was pretty cool ! Hope you like it! Patreon: ...

Michael vs Lucifer Morningstar- DC Comics

2 нед. назад

Hope you enjoy it guys! From The Sandman series! Patreon: Instagram: Fernando072295.

Odin, Thor and Loki vs Anubis, Horus and Bast - Siege of Egypt

2 нед. назад

Asgard attacks Egypt ! I THINK this is the last God is Dead video, I don't think there are any other fights of note....say what you will about the series but it gave me ...

Zeus vs Horus, Anubis and Bast - Olympus vs Egypt

3 нед. назад

The Aztec gods also make an appearance to aid Egypt ! Hope you enjoy guys ! I won't be making too many more of these since I'm running out of fights lol.

Ultimate Thor vs Galactus - Ultimate Cataclysm

3 нед. назад

So there's basically 4-5 versions of Ultimate Thor 1. The original we saw back in the epic introduction to the Ultimate Universe, also the weakest. 2. Full God Thor ...

Balder the Brave - The Lost Son of Odin

3 нед. назад

To be clear he was only lost in Marvel comics as his son, in mythos he was well recognized ! Hope you enjoy guys ! Shout out to my friend Guts.With.unworthy ...

Patreon and Instagram - Thank you for 18,000 Subscribers and 21million Views !

3 нед. назад

Thank you so much for everything guys, we're starting to really roll with the channel ! I appreciate you all! If you haven't commented before please do ! It's good to ...

The Siege of Heaven - Asgard Attacks Heaven

3 нед. назад

As with the other video, hard to believe this was not filtered lol...disclaimer: I am not a satanist. It's just a comic, please take no offense, please enjoy the video !