Vipin Maben

Supercars Accelerating in the Dark - 812 SF, Aventador S, 488 GTB, SLS AMG & more..

2 дн. назад

Supercars Leaving a Car Meet in Hyderabad, India (Performalux). The sounds these cars were making while exiting were pure orgasmic!! Some of the Cars ...

Supercars CRAZY Accelerations - INDIA (Performalux Hyderabad)

4 дн. назад

Supercars Arriving at the performalux Event in Hyderabad, India. Around 30+ Super / Sports cars attended the event and few were already parked. I managed to ...

Driving LOUD Ferrari in INDIA - 458 w/ Crazy Exhaust

6 дн. назад

Riding with a beautiful Bianco Fuji Ferrari 458 Italia with Novitec exhaust system in Hyderabad, India. This car was from Bangalore & had to re-fuel for a ...

INSIDE INDIA'S BATCAVE - Batman Theme Supercar Garage (Man Cave) in Hyderabad

2 нед. назад

Inside a Car Enthusiasts Man Cave (Batman Themed) in Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad. It's mandatory for me to visit the Batcave when i'm in Hyderabad. All Black ...

Richest Streets Of Hyderabad - Weird & Cool Cars in Jubilee Hills

2 нед. назад

A short drive around Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. One of the most expensive commercial and residential locations in India. Hunting for Cars! Enjoy the video!

LOUD Audi RS5 w/ Capristo Exhaust Stage 1 Tune (Crackles & Pops)

3 нед. назад

Audi RS5 equipped with Capristo Exhaust System - Stage 1 Tune by Etuners. Crackles & Pops AK47 Style! Enjoy the video. Thanks for watching! My Camera ...

MUSTANG GT DRIFTING IN INDIA (Powerslide) - Loud Corsa Exhaust

3 нед. назад

2018 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 with Loud Corsa Performance Exhaust doing Crazy powerslides in the City! Thanks for watching! My Camera Gear : Sony PJ 675 ...

Supercars In India - November 2018 (Bangalore) 1 of 2 - GT3 RS, Aventador, 458..

3 нед. назад

Supercars Spotted in India (Bangalore) During the month of November 2018 (First 2 Weeks). Enjoy the Video! Cars Featured in this video : Lamborghini ...

2019 Aston Martin Vantage in INDIA (Bangalore)

4 нед. назад

The New 2019 Aston Martin V8 Vantage from Aston Martin Mumbai spotted in Bangalore, India doing TDV (Test Drive) Runs for Prospective Buyers/Customers !

Most INSANE Audi R8 Body Kit - Motormind Design w/ LOUD Larini Exhaust

1 мес. назад

This has to be one of the Best Looking and Futuristic Body Kits for an Audi R8. This Body kit was Designed & Built by the Owner himself who owns ''Motormind ...

Nikhil Kumarswamy's Lamborghini Aventador Spotted After 4 Years

1 мес. назад

The most unexpected spot of the year 2018 is this Arancio Argos Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, this car came in Bangalore almost 5 years ago and this was ...

Mustang GT 5.0 Stock Exhaust Vs Loud Corsa Performance Exhaust

1 мес. назад

A Comparison video between Stock Exhaust and Corsa Performance Exhaust of the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 2018 Model. How i wish all Mustang's came out of ...

Supercars In India - October 2018 - 2 of 2 (Bangalore)

1 мес. назад

Supercars Spotted in Bangalore, India - Last 2 weeks of October 2018. One of the best months for Supercars in Bangalore ! New Entrants : Lamborghini Urus x4 ...

Spotting 3 White Lamborghinis In a Day INDIA (Bangalore) - Aventador, Urus & Performante

1 мес. назад

Not Everyday you see three to four white Lamborghini's in India. I spotted Two Lamborghini Urus, both in white! A Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 ( Always a ...

Blu Eleos Lamborghini URUS Delivery - Best Color on Urus?

2 мес. назад

Lamborghini Bengaluru's 5th Urus Delivery. Lamborghini Super SUV Finished in a beautiful Blu Eleos Shade. My Current favorite shade on the Lamborghini ...

Best Sounding V10 Lambo Ever? DMC Lamborghini Gallardo Capristo Exhaust

2 мес. назад

One of the Best Sounding V10 Engines Ever! Spotted this Beautiful Gen 1 DMC Kitted Lamborghini Gallardo with ADV.1 Wheels & Loud Capristo Exhaust !

Supercars In India - October 2018 - 1 of 2 (Bangalore)

2 мес. назад

Supercars Spotted in Bangalore, India - First 2 weeks of October 2018. One of the best months for Supercars in Bangalore ! New Entrants : Lamborghini Huracan ...

Lamborghini SUV Urus Delivery in INDIA - 4th Urus from Lambo Bengaluru

2 мес. назад

Lamborghini Bengaluru Delivering their 4th Lamborghini Super Sport SUV Urus. Went to see the Blue Urus but apparently the Delivery was Delayed due to ...

Mangalore's Porsche 911 991.2 GT3 in Bangalore - Start-Up, Revs & more

2 мес. назад

Porsche 911 991.2 GT3 in a Beautiful Racing Yellow Shade from Mangalore spotted in Bangalore. Last few clips are from the Porsche 2018 Anniversary Event ...

Lamborghini SUV Urus in INDIA - South India's First (Bangalore)

2 мес. назад

South India's First Lamborghini Super Sport SUV Urus out on the streets of Bangalore, India. Do you like the New Urus? Should Lamborghini just stick to making ...

Best of Audi R8 Sounds - V8 & V10 - 2018

2 мес. назад

Best of Audi R8 Engine Sound Compilation Video - Audi R8 V8 & V10 - Capristo, Tubi , Larini Exhaust Systems & more. Enjoy! Thanks for watching! My Camera ...