Vintage Guitar

Rodney Crowell

4 дн. назад

Rodney Crowell Enjoy a bit of Rodney Crowell pickin' and singing "The Weight of the World.” He wrote the song with Emmylou Harris and it's on their 2015 duet ...

Tom Guerra

6 дн. назад

Watch Tom Guerra jam on the lead break to “All Purpose Song.” His '63 Fender Stratocaster is running straight into a '69 Marshall “small box” Model 1986.

John Jorgenson at the MIM

7 дн. назад

John Jorgenson and Sunday night at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix for the opening of their new "The Electric Guitar: Inventing An American Icon" ...

The Greasemarks' "Big Mark" Robinson

7 дн. назад

The Greasemarks' "Big Mark" Robinson and his homemade (Bigby-inspired!) guitar with TK Smith pickups plugged into a Fulltone tape echo and a Fowler '57 ...

Yasmin Williams

1 нед. назад

Yasmin Williams Yasmin Williams possesses an extraordinary sense of rhythm and skill in her combination of fingerstyle, lap-style tapping, and use of ...

Webb Wilder

2 нед. назад

Take a listen to Webb Wilder playing his modded Fender Tele Deluxe reissue (with Seymour Duncan pickups) through his '65 Fender Bassman and 1x12 cab ...

John Etheridge of Soft Machine

2 нед. назад

The ever-nimble John Etheridge plays a sensational run on his Martyn Booth Signature guitar and talks about Soft Machine's upcoming U.S. tour. Read our ...

Mike Pachelli

2 нед. назад

Mike Pachelli uses an assortment of vintage and custom instruments to demonstrate tracks from his CD sampler, “Impressions.” Click “Hit List” on the cover and ...

Dennis Jones

2 нед. назад

Check out Dennis Jones and his Les Paul goldtop playing "Mr. Right,” and be sure to read our review of his latest album,"WE3 Live," in the December “Hit List,” ...

Check out Burnin’ Mike Vernon and the M-Squad doing the theme to “Route 66”

1 мес. назад

Check out Burnin' Mike Vernon and the M-Squad doing the theme to “Route 66.” Mike's running his Gretsch Tennessee Rose straight into his modded 1970 ...

Steve Kimock

1 мес. назад

Musical chameleon Steve Kimock has played with Ratdog, Kingfish, Heart of Gold Band, the Other Ones, Rhythm Devils, and the Missing Man Formation.

Neal Vitullo

1 мес. назад

Neal Vitullo plays bits of four tracks from his new album, “One Drunken Kiss,” using his Fender Custom Shop Telecaster (with Don Mare pickups) plugged into ...

Ryan Carraher

1 мес. назад

Ryan Carraher improvs on his PRS 513 running through a Fender amp from the Hot Rod series. Be sure to catch our review of his new album, “Obscure Sorrows ...

Check out Lucero playing “To My Dearest Wife” on his Martin 000-15M

1 мес. назад

Check out Lucero playing “To My Dearest Wife” on his Martin 000-15M. “I got that guitar a couple years ago and liked it so much I bought another,” he said.

Charlie Ballantine

1 мес. назад

For his latest album, Life Is Brief: The Music Of Bob Dylan, Charlie Ballantine made heavy use of his Fender Jerry Donahue Telecaster and Deluxe Reverb ...

2018 New Gear Yearbook - Guitarists You Should Watch!

2 мес. назад

From blues and rock to folk, jazz, and many others forms, fans of guitar music appreciate the instrument's ability to spark the gamut of taste, tone, style, and ...

2018 09 27 PREORDER PG2019 Instagram

2 мес. назад

Pre‑order The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2019 print edition BEFORE OCT. 8 and you'll SAVE $5 off the regular price, get the bonus digital edition FREE, ...

Tyler Morris - Talkin’ To Me

2 мес. назад

Check out Tyler Morris and his band (vocalist Craig Rawding, drummer Don Culp, and bassist Kevin McIntyre) playing “Talkin' To Me.” Tyler's using his signature ...

David Davis

2 мес. назад

David Davis does a bit of “Ramblin' Blues” from the new album "Didnt He Ramble: Songs of Charlie Poole,” by he and his band, the Warrior River Boys. David's ...

Gus G

2 мес. назад

Gus G plays a bit of the title track from his new album, “Fearless.” Check out his signature Jackson guitar, with its Seymour Duncan Fire Blackout pickups, and ...

Jinx Jones

2 мес. назад

Jinx Jones shows off the '54 Guild X-550 and '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb (along with some fancy playing!) you'll hear on his latest album, “Jinx Jones Trio Live.