Vintage Guitar

Watch Crack the Sky jam during sound check at a recent U.S. gig

8 час. назад

Watch Crack the Sky jam during sound check at a recent U.S. gig.

Eddie Heinzelman

2 дн. назад

Eddie Heinzelman previews fresh licks from a song he calls "Tremolo Soul." He's playing a '94 G&L ASAT Classic running through a Keeley Compressor+, ...

Uriah Heep’s Mick Box

3 дн. назад

Mick Box plugged his Carparelli S4 into his Engl Artist (with a Dunlop 535q wah and Carl Martin chorus pedal in-between) to show us the big riffs from the Uriah ...

Denny Jiosa

4 дн. назад

Denny Jiosa cuts loose on the title track from his latest album, "Mueve Tu Cuerpo." If you dig melodic, jazzy guitar with great tones and Latin backing, check it out ...

Fantastic Negrito

4 дн. назад

Fantastic Negrito and his Epiphone Zenith Masterbilt take it old-school with soul on "A Cold November Street," from his third album, "Please Don't Be Dead.

Craig Goldy

5 дн. назад

Craig Goldy used his ESP M-II to record "Under The Wire" through a Jet City Jettenuator to record the new album by Dream Child, "Until Death Do We Meet ...

Cory Wong

5 дн. назад

Don't miss Cory Wong's cool, jazzy jam on EC's “Change the World.” His Fender Highway One Strat has Duncan Antiquity pickups and is running through a ...

Tyler Morris - Eleanor Rigby

6 дн. назад

In this series, Tyler Morris will perform music that inspires him, in a laid-back context using just a guitar and amp – much like the way the songs were written and ...

Jennifer Lyn runs through "Let's Go This Time"

4 нед. назад

Jennifer Lyn plugged her Strat (with Seymour Duncan Mini-humbuckers) directly into her Marshall MG10CF to run through "Let Go This Time," from her latest ...

Abe Ovadia onstage playing some of Herbie Hancock’s "Cantaloupe Island"

1 мес. назад

We caught Abe Ovadia onstage playing some of Herbie Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island" followed by John Coltrane's arrangement of "Body and Soul." He's using ...

Jerry Douglas

1 мес. назад

Dobroist extraordinaire Jerry Douglas demonstrates his fluid style as heard on "Live at the CMA Theater,” the latest album by The Earls of Leicester. Read our ...

Steve Tibbetts

1 мес. назад

Steve Tibbetts offers a glimpse of his recording studio, plays a bit on his Martin DM-12, introduces us to the crew at St. Paul Guitar Repair, then shows us inside ...

dee Brown

1 мес. назад

dee Brown gets down on “Sonny,” using his Eastman AR580CE-HB with D'Addario Chromes (.012-.052) and Seymour Duncan A6 pickups running through a ...

Eric Schenkman

1 мес. назад

Eric Schenkman grabbed his Gibson Flying V Grace Potter signature and plugged straight into a 15-watt vintage National to demonstrate the Spin Doctors' huge ...

Elvin Bishop

1 мес. назад

The legendary Elvin Bishop and his '59 Gibson ES-345 (known worldwide as Red Dog!) deliver a dose of 12-bar blues with help from Big Fun Trio percussionist ...

Ray Cummins – Guitar Tutorial #6

2 мес. назад

Ray Cummins' sixth exclusive lesson for VG demonstrates how to play with a steady thumb, a la Chet Atkins. Train yours, then jump into “Freight Train!” Check ...

Greg Martin - Dreams Psychedelic Realized

2 мес. назад

In December, 1968 – 50 years ago this month – Greg Martin played his first gig with Richard Young, Fred Young, and cousin Anthony Kenney as The Truce ...

Billy Sheehan

2 мес. назад

To highlight VG's “Pop 'N Hiss” feature on the '80 classic "Eat 'Em and Smile" by David Lee Roth, Billy Sheehan offered to give a guided tour of the famed “Wife” ...

Popa Chubby

2 мес. назад

Popa Chubby and his famed '66 Fender Strat/'65 Princeton Reverb (with an Eminence Lil Buddy) team up to play "Angel On My Shoulder" from his new best-of, ...

Yasmin Williams - Swing

2 мес. назад

Delight in Yasmin Williams' polyrhythmic “Swing,” played on her Sublime Adelaide G2 CE strung with D'Addario Silk and Steels and running through a ...

Shane Speal

2 мес. назад

Shane Speal vamps on “Rollin' and Tumblin'" using a cigar-box guitar he made. You, too, can build a CBG with help from his book, “Making Poor Man's Guitars,” ...