Karioi summit hike

3 нед. назад

A hike to the top of Mt Karioi, which took 3 hours up and 3.5 hours down approx. Was a tad bit muddy but nevertheless a great adventurous climb. music is AK ...

Kiritehere Beach day trip

1 мес. назад

A day trip to Marakopa, then down to Kiritehere beach to check out some fossils, next a visit to Marakopa Falls and finally the Mangapohue natural bridge.

Hiking the Hakarimata Ranges from North to South

2 мес. назад

Here is a short video of our hike which took 4 1/2 hours from the Kauri Loop entrance at the northern end down to the Southern end at the Waingaro Rd car park.

A visit to Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre

2 мес. назад

Based out at Mandeville in Southland, New Zealand. If you are a plane enthusiast or into aviation then this place is well worth the visit. Song is Transformation by ...

The 9 o'clock gun, Vancouver

3 мес. назад

The gun is a 12-pound muzzle-loaded naval cannon, cast in Woolwich, England in 1816.Seventy-eight years later, in about 1894, it was brought to Stanley Park ...

Slowed down rooster call

3 мес. назад

cockadoodle doo.

police pull over young motorcyclist in Avignon, France 2012

3 мес. назад

Just an old re-upload of a video we took over 6 years ago.

Tui and Trees

3 мес. назад

Plenty of tui in the trees at Pirongia.

Our visit to Johnston Canyon, Alberta, Canada

4 мес. назад

We visited Johnston Canyon in mid May 2018... got there quite early when only a few cars were there, and before too long there were hundreds of people.

Spare it!

4 мес. назад

tin ass shot.

The Pinnacles adventure

4 мес. назад

A small group of us did the Pinnacles, in the Coromandel region of New Zealand. Here is Adam's video of the trip ...

How to make a simple fettucinni and meatballs meal

5 мес. назад

This takes just 30 mins from start to plate. TWENTY MINUTES IN THE OVEN at 180C. You can add whatever spices you prefer, or chopped up spring onion, ...

How to make a basic smoothie NZ styles

5 мес. назад

Ok so smoothies arent THAT good for ya... but they taste good.

Wells Grey Provincial Park Waterfalls in Canada

5 мес. назад

We only had a day up our sleeves in this area, so we did Spahats Falls in the late afternoon shortly after we arrived at our accommodation, then in the morning ...

Banff Gondola

5 мес. назад

Our trip up the Banff Gondola, May 2018.

Mt Te Aroha hike

5 мес. назад

A hike up Mount Te Aroha with Ceolskog ----- and his sister Stephanie ---

Whistler Train Wreck

6 мес. назад

A visit to the Whistler Train Wreck... We parked on Janes Lake road and its just a 30 second walk to the beginning of the track. You'll arrive at a swing bridge in ...


6 мес. назад

who cares song is

Walking on an avalanche!

7 мес. назад

Spotted this avalanche across the frozen Emerald Lake in B.C. Canada.

Rototuna time lapse

8 мес. назад

just some traffic in Hamilton filmed from a walk bidge.

Kauri Loop Track Hakarimata

8 мес. назад

We go for a trek up and around the Kauri Loop track at the Kakarimata bush.